justin Paul
+Graphic Design Artist, Media Consultant, Branding Expert.

Justin Paul is an award-winning freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in New York

From Elegant designs featured on Eu4iamedicalspa.com to the photorealistic grunge effects of his cinematic series, Justin's work is an Axiom of the industry. His ability to creatively design concepts has landed him an array of clients varying from sports nutrition to film promotion.

2012 - Justin's Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance Design, dismantled the competition, fracturing the work of award winning artists.  His concept was Produced by Sony and later marketed with the final product - www.faceofthefan.com  

2011 - Justin's creative concept for the Priest Poster Challenge at Craveonline.com and Sony pictures yielded him victory and a place on site. his work has been featured in cross promotion with Priest, the major motion picture.